I’m rapidly losing intelligence

I used to have a high IQ, but as time goes on I struggle more and more with comprehension. I’m really worried about it. Not sure what to do


Supposedly playing Tetris improves your cognitive abilities. If it doesn’t, it’s fun to play anyway. I try to play brain games on my iPad a couple times a week because I often feel my brain cells are dying.


Good idea. I’d try it if the men weren’t recording everything I do and judging me

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Hiow do you have enough insight to know to come here for help, yet get hung up on playing Tetris?

I’m trying to hone in on the shape of the delusional thinking.

You never know, maybe I’ll be able to help you see it differently?

I recommend you to do physical exercise because it induces the creation of new brain cells!


I know they read and hear everything I say, but I don’t want them judging my abilities to do things.


I exercise 5 days a week


I’m the same way, forgetting how to spell, along with many other things

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They told my neurologist to test my IQ @anon64158233

I’m sorry @Mountainman. It’s so frustrating

They ran me through all kinds of tests, then said I was not trying pfft

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What a**holes! People just don’t get it

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And what is your ‘crime’ again? Getting accused of being a spy for another nation?

You’ve already paid a hefty price if that were true, which it isn’t.

Post on here for them to pick on me. My delusion will protect me from yours. I mean maybe we can go on some type of offense instead of defense.

Tell them to specifically to ‘bring the fight to my doorstep.’ :wink:

I don’t want to encourage them to come after me or anyone else. They’re willing to torture in addition to killing

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I was trying to shake it up. delusions are unshakable beliefs.

I worry about that stuff too.

In a book of a person out there it spooks me by saying half baked people he says ‘need more time in the oven.’

During an earlier clue in the book he says you can be conscious or you can be half baked. It gets me bc I’m not conscious as much as the average person.

So that’s me.

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As for your men; and Navy Seals - Let’s try telling them they are cowards and don’t get to terrorize a Pianogal practically from cradle to grave.

(Have you ever tried what I call ‘offense’?)

It is hard to think of ways but once I figured out a single solitary move/tactic, and it’s refreshing.

It deals with knowing you’re being listened to, (for starters) And shaking the blanket back on them. It helped me get some air when I was in a horrible psychosis.

I mean we’re both probably looking backward in our own right, and already have the ‘sum of all fears’ pressing on us 24/7. It hurts balance too. We have to drive cars F.f.s.

I guess refreshing is my favorite word here. Try wagging this beast by its tail.

I REALLY wanted to help you; but flag if you think this is not a way out.]

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Why would I flag it? Thanks for your suggestions

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Because you said they were watching and overall I thought my post could be specifically
Triggering for your unique situation.

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Oh. No. I’ve been followed a long time. I’m always triggered so your comments made no difference. Thanks for caring

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Playing piano helps to preserve and Increase intelligence. You might try that.

That’s what I am trying to do with my practice.

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