I’m not a ‘high functioning’ schizophrenic


I am not high functioning as I don’t have a job but I think I am moderately functioning.


Pfft. Being high functioning does not mean that I am not ill. It means that my illness is well managed enough of the time that I can have something approaching a “normal” life.


I probably look high functioning but inside im scraping by lol


Me to I’m not functioning at all

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I should be called dead

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I’m high low to low moderate if this makes sense


My head is full of broken glass this week.

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Dr. Sir Level reaches for precision grade tweezers and extracts broken glass from @shutterbug noggin and brings balance to the force once again.



Those who are high functioning often can’t stress quickly enough that they are no less a victim of this horrible illness than those who are less fortunate in the functionality domain, and that surely, they suffer just as much! We could use some Nietzsche around here: suffering does not make you a better person imo. There is no need to compete here, no price to pay for acknowledging you got it better than some others. And yes, we all had bad times, no one is denying that. But if you manage to run a family, hold a job, live on your own and so on, you do got it better than those who cannot imo. Congratulations, you did well for yourself, and doing well makes you no less of a person than those who suffer from not being able to do well.


Yeah determining functioning is just a way for psychiatrist to assess your ability to function on a personal and societal level I guess.

I’m not at all sure how to classify myself… Mental illness symptoms are generally rather mild most of the time, but mood starts dipping this time of the year. I say ‘mild’- low level paranoia ,social anxiety, catastrophising, psychological effects of bullying related trauma. In terms of practical functioning the ASD and physical health problems are more disabling . I get quite a lot of support when it comes to daily living tasks.

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For me it doesn’t come down to where I plot on a disability chart; compared to others. It’s purely about what does or doesn’t affect me. That can change depending on what’s happening at the time.

I’m low functioning

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I don’t know how I do anything.

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I think she misinterprets the label. It just means you’re not constantly in a state of unreachable psychosis. I’m thankful to be able to refer to myself as “recovered” or “residual” schizophrenic so people will know I do not suffer from delusions and all their assumptions are false. How else am I supposed to communicate this?

"The “high functioning” label erases or otherwise minimizes more of my experience of life on the schizophrenia spectrum than it embraces. "

No it doesn’t. It erases nothing. Explain to people that everyone has an initial psychotic episode regardless of whether or not they turn out high functioning after successful treatment. And why do we have to maximize the experiences? Displaying your pain accurately shouldn’t be a goal, living a life successfully among typicals should be, imo.

Not to be argumentative or anything, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just think it’s good to have a high functioning label to separate from people who are actively psychotic. I wouldn’t have considered myself high functioning in my first three years, but I am now.