I’m learning to draw. I drew this sketch

I am using tutorials on YouTube. I didn’t know what to start with. I don’t really have many ideas of my own yet. But I want to learn how to draw faces. I might also draw some pictures from the Vikings.


Hi Qwerty! :slight_smile:
I was just thinking of posting a thread that I would start giving drawing lessons to people interested in art :slight_smile:
You can see my things here:
It seems you put a lot of effort in this artwork and the result is good! What you can do is loosen up your hand. Try sketching first :slight_smile:


Nice eyes qwerty …!!! Sup have u had ur lunch…!!!

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I will check that out. (I just did and your art is amazing)

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Thank you, Qwerty! :slight_smile:


I like to draw too. I was wondering if you knew about this great little tool called an architechs pencil?

They are really fantastic for detail like drawing the iris and such.

If your just starting out, the best to do is buy a few cheap goodies like artist sponges, stubbs, and different type pencils. Give them a try and figure out how best to use them by just playing around with them.

Electric erasers are good too. I used them a lot for contrast especially in drawing peoples hair. They really are kind of fun. It is like drawing with light, if you can imagine it?


Looks good @Qwerty

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I also like to draw :slight_smile:

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You are all so talented


My drawings look like Neanderthal Carvings.

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Lol Zeno. But maybe that’s great artwork. Your own style. You are funny heheh. Art is an expression.

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