I’m addicted to coffee

I wanted to quit but instead walked 30 mins uphill to get to a grocery store to get coffee and then 30 mins downhill.

Now I’m having some coffees.

My addiction is that bad.

Are you addicted to coffee?


I’m addicted to dark chocolate. Right now, I’ve got a few bars of Excellence 95% Dark Chocolate in the cupboard, near my tea collection. :slight_smile:


I’ll take my coffee addiction over my nicotine alcohol and marijuana addiction any day

today I had about 4 cups And two caffeine pills


I’m addicted to sweets and coffee.


I’m addicted to coffee and now that I’m no longer diabetic I’ve been occasionally adding a teaspoon of sugar to my coffee

I’m also addicted to popcorn

I always have to have popcorn and coffee in the house

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