Who here isn't an addict to something?

Whether it simply be caffeine, or nicotine and alcohol. If so, how different do you feel?

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Not me, I’m addicted to all three. But:

  1. Since I gave up real cigarettes for ecigs, I feel less hopeless and healthier.

  2. Since I got sober , I feel I got my life back and my control back. But I can’t drink anything, as I’m an alcoholic.

  3. Coffee still has a hold on me, and I can’t break it. I have 3 cups of coffee a day, with one spoon of instant coffee in each. I’d like to be off coffee.


I was a smoking addict, smoking up to 3 times per day, but I’ve thankfully stopped. It also saves you lots of money too. The thing I’m addicted to now is food :frowning: I don’t know why I’m eating so much and have an open appetite. I think it’s either the symptoms of the illness and/or side effects of the medicine.

I was addicted to a number of drugs between 17-21. Resulted in homelessness and a loss of employment, dark time. Now sober drug wise, have been for four years despite the longing to go back to that feeling of effortlessly drifting away. I drink every few days but in moderation

I think I am not addicted to anything currently,used to be addicted strongly to Gaming and porn,lucky to say that I am not anymore to these,at least for now

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I am not addicted to the big 3 - Booze, Drugs and Nicotine.

I am however hooked on coffee/caffeine and unfortunately my last psychiatrist got me dependent on a benzo, Klonopin,

I was Addicted to Nicotine years ago - I smoked 2 packs a day for years - I quit cold turkey years ago, never looked back.

We’re all addicted to something whether it’s sports, oxygen, food, or religion. Good luck trying to find someone not addicted to something. Most schizophrenics are addicted to something. 80-90% smoke.


I still use a vape for nicotine. I rarely have caffeine. And i used to be addicted to weed and acid a few years ago and alcohol was sort of a problem. All the hippies can say what they want about those 2 but trust me, mentally, you can get addicted and easily I might add. Nicotine is the only thing I use regularly now. But I don’t mind that, the benefits outweigh the consequences with a nicotine vape for me. I am also addicted to cartoons and video games (anything that brings me back to before I changed and got sick) but I’m ok with that cause making popcorn and starting a new anime is a great relief from stress.

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Yeah acid was my favorite drug. I became mentally addicted to it. Although god forbid, I doubt I’ll ever do it again after this last time around it wasn’t fun anymore.


I used to be addicted to Alcohol and drugs. It took a lot of work, but I’ve been able to get help and get clean and sober. (nearly 7 years now) Quitting changed everything.

I’ve been smoke free for a year now.

coffee… love it… not sure I can give it up.

I agree with @astefano I think every one is addicted to something…

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I just don’t want to test my brain waves like that anymore. It was my favorite mind altering thing on the planet too. But I started using it weekly, failed a few classes, probably triggered the actual SZ cause I was majorly depressed before and prone to it but at the time didn’t care and wasn’t truly aware that I was prone to it even though it was hinted at. And was actually craving it on a regular basis. Then I heard this song after freshman year and said “I need to stop this ■■■■, anymore will just do damage.”

However like I said I’m addicted to nicotine and “childish” things like video games cartoons and comics. And music I’m a hardcore music addict, but music is the one thing I feel pride being addicted to. I’m trying to find the real sugar in life though the “pure sure 16 calorie sugar, without any substitutes.”

Find the real sugar kids

Music is an okay thing to be addicted to. LSD definitely made my mental illness worse. But I’m not sure if it did as much as my weed using. I used to take LSD and smoke weed like a fiend. Like I would smoke 5 grams in an hour span while I was tripping. I think that could have contributed to the onset of my psychosis even moreso than the LSD itself. That’s a hypothesis I’ve come up with. Both are bad though for us.

Honestly if I’m gonna do anything these days its alcohol. Or hell vicodin or something. I know that’s a scary path but lately I’ve been so depressed that I want to try opiates. At least it won’t make my psychosis worse… I won’t do it but I needed to share that I’ve had those thoughts.

I’m going down the same route. It’s only been about 6 months (lost count) but I’m already becoming tolerant to 0.5mg/day.

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I would advise against opiates. It’s a vortex that keeps wanting you to feed it more and more and it never is satisfied. And when you stop be prepared for one hell of a migraine.

Ya I know the consequences. That’s why I’m not gonna do. I’ve tried kratom though and it was an opioid and it made me relieved from the world for once without getting me so messed up like alcohol does. Idk I wish I could do it but I won’t. I’ve met tons of opiate addicts and they seem way less screwed in life than I am from LSD and schizophrenia. But I guess I wouldn’t want to add an opiate addiction to that whole mix.

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I would do drugs all ■■■■■■■ day.
But drugs are bad. Make you look bad and destroy your brain cells.
Don’t do drugs people.


It’s tough though when you’re at the level of depression I’m at now and you just wanna find new ways to escape. That said I won’t do it, but I’ve had thoughts of it.

No longer addicted to drugs or at least no longer do them, if it’s possible to beat the addiction. No longer addicted to alcohol. It feels great letting go of alcohol. The drugs I still miss them though.

My only addictions left are tobacco and caffeine.

You sounded happy yesterday?

I woke up happy. Honestly I’m not that sad right now. But I’m feeling too paranoid to go to class…ever again. Idk, last night was really rough and I’m projecting that pain onto today. Honestly I feel better, but still I don’t want to go to class ever again.