I love my babies

I feel so guilty for buying my kids things. I do not have much money, I am pregnant and did a little shopping it scared me. I got my two year old a leap frog and my new little baby a shirt and some swaddle blankets. Tears. Mommy crying omg.


Can people help you with money?

It doesn’t sound like a lot you spent.

Plus you don’t want you kids to think they never had anything

Yeah you are right, my son reminds me of Soda and Darrin. Lmfao.

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Awww I remember those days well. I had a home sitter while I worked. Then at 2 1/2 they went into handicare child care center my daughter so well adjusted didn’t want to leave when I came to get them!

Don’t know if you have Kijiji there but lots of free toys and stuff on there, Kids don’t really care where it comes from, as long as it’s clean and fun, they move on so fast when young

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We used to go into the stores and play they hated us I didn’t care we never bought a thing and the kids never asked