Garage sale on baby items

my stepson is having hey baby him and his wife are very poor and have very little they live in a trailer in a small townthis weekend I went shopping at garage sale I picked up some baby clothes spit up towels a carriera washtub in seata carry on board strapand some items to store stuff in had I have gotten it at wall Mart it cost would have been 300.00 my cost garage sailing 30 bucks. And sciences the baby is a boy I found guy stuff like race flag sets and cool car pj’s. Ever gone out looking at sales?


I like garage sales. I found this great retro lamp for $3. I’ve had it since college the first go around. The last one I went to I got a bunch of skinny ties. I don’t know why though, all the men in my family are too big for skinny ties. I haven’t been to a garage sale in many years.

My sis and I are the second hand store for the family. They don’t donate to Oxfam or Salvation Army… they ship the old shoes, the faulty toasters, and the lonely pan lids to our house.

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