I lost friends when I couldn't work

I don’t know if it was all my idea or if you really had to work to have friends who also had to work. Workers love company.


Most of my husband’s friends ditched him when he got injured and became disabled

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Those weren’t really friends then.


I signed up for pen pal and met a woman but when she found out I don’t work she stopped writing.

I lost friends in the past for not working or studying because they were studying and working and ambitious.

I don’t have friends as such now.

I have three x boyfriends I write a few words with every month or so.
And I have a boyfriend.

Would be nice to have friends that accept me as I am and love me as I am.

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Just speaking based on my own observations: People with no personal experience with disabling conditions are generally ignorant about such matters and prone to believing that not actively working/studying automatically = some kind of life of luxury that they wish they could have (and that we “don’t deserve”). In that regard, they can be considered to be more detached from reality than us lol.

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I like being friends with ppl who work. It is nice to have that in common.

It feels really good to work.

I bloody hate benefits, as much as I appreciate them at the same time :pray::pray::pray:

I have some friends who are unable to work and I value them as much as the friends who do. I have no friends who able to work but who choose to use assistance instead. The latter runs contrary to my values.