I lost faith in therapists and therapy

I’m in the process of finding a new therapist.
My current therapist wasn’t compassionate or caring enough.
She shaved of a lot of time during our sessions.

Seems to me that most therapists are a bunch of money grubbing narcissists interested in only their self interests.

I might take a break from going into therapy.

Most of these people seem to be a bunch of ass holes.

I can’t believe that I wasted all these years with this woman.

I feel used.


I can agree with you in so many incidences. It isn’t funny, it’s a shame. With your new one I would be very cautious that she doesn’t try to “trap” you at the start.


I usually get trapped at the start, but this time I’m going to be very choosy.
You make a good point @chordy.

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Therapy helps some people on here. But I’ve always been suspicious of it.


It’s never helped me. I just read and work on myself.

edit: not to say it doesn’t work, I just have never found a good therapist.


I totally understand. I had this one therapist who really let me down. I saw her for a few years. I’m still hurt over it but I’m looking for a new one


This lady really ripped me off.
My brother said that I should have known better but I swear it seemed like I was brainwashed or something.

Our sessions were sometimes only 20 minutes long.
I thought that was only what my insurance allowed but it turned out that she was shaving off time because she was not caring enough and took advantage of my mi and kindness.

I finally woke up.


That really sucks. Sorry.


Thanks @everhopeful


I love mine, very open minded older hippy chick. Been doing it over 40 years. She specializes in people like us. She’s done CBT work, and helped me process. I’ll go to her until she retires

Edit: just to add, I had to go through a few therapists that were crap until I found her


I was ghosted by my therapist.

My therapist I thought I was very close to.

One day she didn’t show up for our appointment,

Wouldn’t answer my calls and then didn’t show up for our next appointment.

I kind of think something happened to her,

I don’t know, if it did, surely it would be on the news.

The news loves a missing pretty white woman.


I’m saying we’ve all been hurt by a healthcare professional at some point,

You can’t just give up on it.

The next therapist could be “the one”.

Who knows.

If not, maybe therapy really isn’t for you and you can think about cutting it out of your healthcare routine,

But until then, I think you should give it another shot and not let one therapist ruin it for you.


I’m sorry that you were ghosted @anon54386108.
Thanks, I probably won’t give up.


I think health insurance has persuaded many therapists to practice CBT/DBT, which is evidence-based and has a typical timeline of 12 weeks. The premise is replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, so there won’t be any ‘room’ for worrying or obsessing.

@Wave , I don’t think that’s for you. You seem to be a kind, sensitive and compassionate man. I hope you can find the same in a therapist.


Thank you @anon17132524.


CBT has saved my life. Some people hate therapy, some people love it. I think it depends on the therapist a lot too. I’ve had one bad therapist and two great ones.

It’s kind of like meditation, some people love it others hate it. Mediation gets on my last nerves and grinds me the wrong way. I hate meditation.


I liked my last therapist and did some CBT work with her for a year.

I had to leave her because she did not accept my insurance.


I still see my therapist at the VA. He is a psychologist. The appointments are short and I only go about every three months or so.

I used to see a social worker every other week but now that I am working I don’t have time for that.


Aside from your therapist seeming uncaring and unprofessional, your therapist also seems dishonest if she was billing insurance for time she wasn’t actually spending on therapy. :thinking:


I’ve been in therapy for 6 years now mostly. Several different ones for a couple years at a time. I like my current one but I dont thinknits helping me anymore. I dont have q lot to talk about besides my weird thoughts but talking doesnt help me. It was good for treating my PTSD but now those symptoms arent so bad we I’m thinking of leaving therapy for a bit.


I had to go through 13 different therapists before I found a good fit. Unfortunately theres a lot of bad ones.

My advice is look at reviews if you can. And don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

Youre their employer at the end of the day and if they aren’t doing their job to your satisfaction you have every right to fire them.

My method was I gave them 2 tries if by the second time I felt uncomfortable I moved on.