Anyone like me don’t cope well with talking therapies

Is just not my thing. Every therapist I have had has said talking therapies makes me worse.

Not having a go at therapists - they help many. But like any form of treatment they help some and hurt others


I have a pretty low opinion of therapists myself.


A good psychologist is really worthwhile.

H0wever, ive found very few are that good.

Cbt is powerfull if you have a good therapist.

Theres alot of horse shiit out there unfortunatley.

Never give up the search :star_struck:

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Yeah, I tried therapy.

It helped me in regards to some sexuality issues, but it did leave me feeling pretty raw on some other issues.

So yeah, it’s a mixed bag for me.

I hope you’re feeling better, @anon94176359.

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I just restarted therapy again after I quit a year ago.

I figure this time I have nothing to lose, so I am giving it a go.

That said, I am very sceptical about it all.

I haven’t seen my therapist in a while.
I don’t think it’s helping me much.

I’m torn. I’ve had one good therapist that definitely helped me, but every other therapist or psychologist I’ve tried has made me worse.

I once had a therapist who thought i would be better off dead.

She even researched uthenasia in sweden or somewhere, cant remember…

Was a tweak of note !!

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I will be getting talk therapy in three months. I think it will be good cos I’m gonna use topics I create on here as topics and also coping with stress.

I hope you find a good therapist. I can imagine that one can click with one but not with another it’s a little bit if trial and error. Do u get iapt in Scotland?

I tried it. Was not for me :deer::deer::deer:

i tried but it didnt last long, it was withdrawn

y i k e s :frowning:

I’m back in therapy after not bothering much for several months. I really like my therapist. She’s acting as my advocate in other aspects of my treatment. She’s helping me with job stuff, too.

I’m paranoid of therapists. Most of them. So, they don’t usually help me. I’ve had many. Of all my therapists, I’ve only had one that did me any good.

I had a good therapist for a few weeks. She let me talk about whatever I wanted without judging me. That’s the best kind.

I’ve a brain disorder. It’s solved by meds. I have a good friend and family network to bounce off of people and If I need some advice I can gain that here.

I agree with you. I get in trouble all the time but I’m behave. I think some therapy can be dangerous. I’ve experienced some really bad examples in my life and I think if you know the routines it can be easily manipulated. Then there are other issues I won’t get into.

We are all different. Sure it says that there’s better outcomes with meds and therapy but not for this camper.


My therapist and I don’t talk about my mental stuff, I go to talk about everyday life, like a friend. We talk couponing, cheap meals, how to deal with the healthcare system she works for cause she hates them too. She’s a therapy social worker, about early 50’s. We talk about how we both did the same goth, punk, etc stages in respectivebhigh schools. It helps and if I do wanna talk about what’s really bothering me, she’s great. I do consider her like a friend though. And she makes sure I get appts before others, so she’ll book me for up to 3 months out.

Therapist need to be consistence,hard to find someone consistent who really believed

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