I look normal, haha

No more megatives that made me look disabled.
Only positives now. I don’t procrastinate any more.
I take showers, I cut my nails, I go for walks under the still hot sun, I walk the dog etc.
And all these after lowering doses.
It’s the paradox: fewer meds, fewer symptoms.


(before: 200mg clozapine, 90mg aripiprazole, 80mg haloperidol, 80mg olanzapine.
Now: 200mg clozapine, 30mg aripiprazole, 150mg haloperidol monthly, 20mg olanzapine)

Glad for you, Om… :slight_smile:
Me, I raise my ap. You know, my doc said that my fears keeps me from functioning, not so much my negatives. But lets see.
Keep it like this, you. Yeap, fewer meds is always better.

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Hello. Did you raise zyprexa?

That’s great @Om_Sadasiva

Glad u got away from that psychiatrist, idk what he was thinking to give u those previous doses like tha!

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