I like people

I also like birds, other animals and plants

My favorite part of Narcos is when the federallis are closing in on him and he has a dream where he’s out in the woods and he’s caressing a giant leaf. Like that’s all he wants. Pablo Escobar was a good guy if you take out all his murders and drug trafficking. He had a sensitive soul. He probably at one point just wanted to live in peace and would give up the billions for NATURE. People aren’t perfect but I like people. I also think nature is great. @MeghillaGorilla1. Pablo Escobar was a good dude deep down, no?

My daughter reads all those types of books lately.

I can ask her what she recommends.

Crime and Punishment is my favorite book of all time, believe it or not.
It’s a psychological, mental book.

I don’t think you can be a killer and be feeling nature, and goodness at the same time.
But in the end of the book, he does transform.

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