Anyone watching the show Narcos?

Lounge isn’t open so I have to put this in Diagnosed. But anyone watching Narcos on netflix? I normally don’t watch anything but I watched an hour of Narcos yesterday and it was the most awesome thing I’ve ever watched. Pablo Escobar is CRAAAAAAAY. I would never wanna do cocaine after watching that show.

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I haven’t but now I might… did you watch sense8?

Nope :blush: I don’t watch anything really. No movies, no shows. But Narcos…I saw the trailer on youtube and wanted to watch it, and it’s AWESOME. Got five stars on Netflix for me. What’s sense8 about??? Maybe I’ll watch it after I finish Narcos.

Usually I just watch sports.

Man idk if sense8 is advisable to szs seriously, but it help me beat the delusion of telepathy if its any consolation. Is about a group of 8 guys and girls that are telepathic and have to deal with that. It’s really well made, it’s from the makers of the matrix. I felt it was a good metaphore for mental illness.

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It’s kind of like how yesterday that thread on “Does the world need another spiritual leader”, seemed like it would only amplify my delusions of the chosen one, but it did the reverse effect thanks to you and other peoples comments.

Oh man, I’m the queen of the battle against grandiouse lol This past year it’s basically all I’ve been doing. I really liked your input on that thread.

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Just watched episode 2. God that show is sick. Disturbing though.