I like casinos

I’ve been to various casinos since I’ve got sick. I’ve been to a dozen or so in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe I’ve also been to a few Indian casinos. I love it. I love being anonymous in the crowds, I love the free buffets they give you. I love the compllmentrey drinks, I love the sexy waitresses in their skimpy uniforms, I love the free entertainment.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say, I love gambling. And winning. Blackjack is my game. When you are gambling at any game (except poker), the odds are always tilted towards the house, that’s how they stay in business. Including the slots. But blackjack has the best odds for the gambler compared to any other game. I’ve never been a huge winner, but a few times I’ve come out a couple of hundred ahead. I haven’t gambled in quite a few years but I’m planning on going sometime again.


all i read was the ’ free ’ buffet…:scream:
take care :alien:


Hmmm… You should be a salesman…

I’ve been to one… Its actually pretty close here. They give you so many credits to use if its your first time. Went with a crowd… One dude made off with 150+ just from the base credit… Everyone else lost out… So it goes.

Of course back then one of the first things one of my friends did was smoke a fat bowl and stink up a whole quarter floor. Left me paranoid all night.

Another time going down to south padre… Crosses border patrol… One of my friends put his stash in the other half of the carpool… Let them tote that ■■■■ back home… That caused some serious ■■■■. Him and his cousin still don’t talk.

Memories… Memories stir… Maybe someday i’ll have as many memories as you nick.

I’m going to a casino as soon as I have good company to go with… I’ve just decided.

Not so big on gambling. Black jack is alright… The food and environment are good though. The one around here has hotel rooms for rent, but I’m not to keen on that either. Rather stay sober and drive home… Oh ■■■■ thats right i dont currently have an operational car.

Hey, Nick - Changing the subject, but are you still working? You soundi a little ‘tilted’ to me in this post. To me.

(I’ll be glad when I get a new pic for my avatar. Don’t have many.)

Yes, I’m still working. I don’t know what you mean by “tilted”, pob.

A little off ballance. I may be wrong.

I don’t gamble, but I like some movies with gambling in them. You seem okay to me.

Well, this disease tilts everyone who suffers from it. But I re-read my own topic a few times and I don’t see what you see. Maybe you can help me out here like you did a few weeks ago about my joking and point out what sounds wrong in my post. Feedback is welcome.

Your opening post was just fine @77nick77

Of course, a car chase…some large breasted women…and the gratuitous use of midgets would’ve spiced it up a bit. But I thought it was a normal posting from you over all.

Gambling has never held any allure for me whatsoever. It helps that I can’t learn the kind of card games played in casinos due to a “learning disability”. But even still, the lowest I’ve gone was exchanging scratch tickets for make out sessions and getting drunk watching her lose at Keno.

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I like casinos, too. They are adult amusement centers.


Large breasted women can never keep their hands off of me. It’s like the curse of the ghost of Jayne Mansfield is upon me.

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I love casinos too. The bright lights and noises are beautiful. Ive been to every casino up the east coast of australia. I love playing roulette and drinking pina colladas.

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Maybe un balasted a little - like a balloon, needing to come down a little bit. Or maybe you were just being normal and in a good mood. I was thinking it might lead to getting out of control.

Can’t anyone be normal around here without someone raising eyebrows?

im playing roulette 15 years, im up profit …im off now to the casino to chance my luck…

I’d come in, spend $1.25 at the slot machines and pig out at the buffet. But seriously, I don’t gamble well. I don’t have a good intuition about the odds on a lot of bets. Also, I could very easily become addicted to gambling. I was playing the scratch off lottery for a while for small stakes. I won a little, and it got to where more and more I wanted to play that game. It was hard to quit. I could see myself getting really, really addicted to gambling. I don’t need that kind of pain in my life.

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omg, I’m the same way! My friend dragged me to a casino and she ran off to throw away $300 dollars. In that same time period, I spent under $2 dollars on some cheap slot machines and got a little buzzed with some smuggled in shots.

I like the atmosphere of Casinos, but find most gambling generally boring, I just never was drawn to putting money in a losing proposition, but I did really like the feeling of winning money. I started playing poker online at the age of 14, at 17 I became a professional(I obviously know it was illegal for me to play online at that time). I managed to live on my own solely off poker winnings for 2 years, then sz got in the way but I’ve still managed to live off it for 3 more years even after being diagnosed(been diagnosed almost 6 years). It completely ruins your appreciation for money if you win/lose big sums a day for a long period of time, I think it happens both if you’re a lifetime loser or a winner.

Gambling destroys a lot people’s lives and I don’t like being a part of it. There’s those rationalizations that somebody else would just take their money. I used to get off on it when somebody was typing their rage in the chatbox but as I’ve matured I really feel kinda bad. Exploitation is the word poker pros often use when talking about strategies, so it’s quite overt. And then there’s some of the ignorant ones(I’ve seen this more in live situations, more rarely online) even go as far as berating the bad players, but only if they do manage to win a pot. I guess learning the game means people should just hand their money to you because you “deserve it”. I don’t think most of the people who I win most of the money from really enjoy the game at all, they just enjoy the winning money part, not willing to put in the hours of work to learn the game.

Other forms of casino gambling are minus expected value always(except some rare casinos where you can maybe have an edge in blackjack by counting cards), so you’re right about that, Nick.

And to be up in roulette over 15 years if you have any significant sample size you need to get pretty lucky. Do you by any chance play the “Martingale strategy”? I think you might be remembering the times you win more “vividly” and the times you lose you might not remember as well. Writing down your wins/losses at the end of the night helps to keep a realistic picture, but it’s up to you.

When people have an addictive personality and poor impulse control it’s best to keep away from gambling, it can really have bad consequences. One should know themselves well until he/she puts any money on the line.

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Interesting answer. I like winning too. See, you prove that people with schizophrenia can support themselves in life.

I hate them. HATE them. Reasons…

  1. People. 'Nuff said.
  2. Every dollar you take home is someone else’s broken dream. The bad karma makes it feel … slimy.
  3. I can see the patterns at work at the Blackjack table. I tried playing a couple of times. First, my success attracted waaay too much scrutiny from the security people and they started constantly rotating dealers and decks because they could tell I was counting. Second, the thrill I got from winning was too much like the thrill of using booze or pot. Scary cool. I am staying the hell away from that for the rest of my life for that reason alone.