Has anybody gambled, cards and stuff

I have never gambled in my life, even though I have visited places such Las Vegas, I have not gambled. Nowadays they gamble a lot also on the net.

I’m not a gambler. There are casinos in my state and all of them are too much for me. The noise, the flashing lights from the slot machines…

Also… I don’t have the courage to put my money down.

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But I know that playing cards with dementia victims help them to retain memories and advance their minds …

Memory Card Games for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients


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Used to play a lot of low stakes poker a couple years ago… I’m burnt out on poker. Really thought I could make a fortune playing. I’m just unlucky, and not very good either. :frowning:

A few times. Just friendly games as kids. As an adult my parents used to play pontoon or 21 or blackjack (depending on what you call it). On a regular basis only for like 1, 2 and 5 cent coins. I often joined in.

The local casino I would only play the cheapest slot machines. Was a tip from one of my Aunts who’s a big gambler. Still felt myself being sucked into it big time. But would only spend about $20.00 to $50.00 being it took ages to go through like 10 cent coin machines. Mostly I’d try to avoid the gambling there and succussed. Found it was great cheap night out as often have free entertainment or a make shift night club. Was never over crowded so suited me fine. Some of them also have a really cheap buffet. So if you can avoid the gambling you can have a really good cheap night out.

Other then that the very odd flutter in the past Uncles race horses, Melbourne Cup sweepstakes (think all my horses are still running). But mostly I suck at gambling so try to avoid it. Although with my SZ I’ve perfected my pokerface to perfection!

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I see patterns fairly easily, so games like Blackjack aren’t really gambling for me. I don’t go and play it anyhow because, first, casino security has been trained to spot people like me and the games we gravitate to, and second, the one time I tried it I enjoyed it too much. The way I used to enjoy booze kind of too much. Scared me badly. I already attend one 12 Step program, and that’s enough for one lifetime.

I have worked casinos as a volunteer to help raise funds for community organizations. Don’t like doing it. You can almost smell the loss and desperation in the air. When you’re counting money it’s like you’re counting broken dreams. Very unpleasant.



I’ve never gambled in my life, and have no intention to.

I gambled a little in the army. I played dice. I’m not a good gambler. I have a knack for being wrong. Also, I have an addictive personality. I could get addicted to gambling easily.

I tried 1 card game at casino lost 90 in 5 mins . Yeah that wasn’t fun. I don’t even like to lose 5 bucks on a slot machine.

For me to get hooked on gambling I would have to win atleast 100,000.

A girl I briefly dated was a professional poker player. She would routinely win thousands and lose thousands in the same week. Kinda like playing the stock market.

I’d much rather take more calculated gambles via business where I have a larger element of control and a lesser emphasis on luck