I learned something

Well hello. As you may know I have been having confusing difficulties in trying to understand social matters.

I learned when talking to people to restrain in saying the obvious. My theory is everybody has common sense.

Some people tell me, ‘I know all there is to know about bodybuilding’. For example.

I trusted the saying somewhat because he had obviously achieved results.

I hear people say things like, ‘you already know’ or ‘I know right’, or ‘I heard that’.

But logic has twists and making sense or making a point has to be congruent with logic.

You need to listen with the body. The temper, but y’all already know.

When speaking on a subject and people already know what your still trying to learn. Be prepared to get schooled and jived.

Learning intercommunication is a lot harder than it seems. Our ignorance clouds us. Our wit and intelligence may not be up to peak performance.

That is if your like me, you need to listen before you talk, hear yourself think, take deep breaths.

Fallacies are very common. If someone criticizes you take it as a challenge to use more wit.

sz killed much of my mental attributes but there are many fields in life where even sz people can excel beyond the rest.

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I hate their pride, they think it allows them to school and jive, i can hear their rediculous lies.

A foul little poem i wrote just now.

Why would they “school and jive” you know? They have no reason to, so you are better at some things, why does that give you the right to be an arsehole though? It just doesn’t at all.

We made it out of the jungle only to become another kind of ape, because that is exactly how the apes act, they “school and jive” constantly.

You know what a more sane reaction to a talent or ability is, even if you are better at it than someone else is, being happy about it, i swear they wouldn’t even want it if they could not hold it over someone, it makes them live.

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With me, it’s a matter of caring enough so that I don’t push people’s buttons. There was awhile when I didn’t care if I said the wrong thing, using truthfulness as a reason for saying rude things. All of us have a cover about something, a cover we don’t want blown, so don’t blow other peoples. What goes around comes around.


I know I write better then I speak and I know I read better then I listen. I’m usually behind in the conversation and I know I don’t answer correctly all the time. sometimes my important conversations have been me and the other person writing on a note pad back and fourth. That way I can slow down.

I think I’m getting better about responding and trying to listen. But I get so distracted and if someone is talking a long time, I will start to pay attention to the world in my head.

What makes me a little sad is when I really am trying to be honestly helpful and I say something that is just the opposite. (Does this make me look fat?.. Yes, it does and it makes you look old too…
Oops… :frowning:)

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but my kid sis will actually smile when I come off as too blunt. I like making her smile, but I then wonder about the person I just offended. So confusing.

I’m taking elementary logic and I made a 98 on the first exam over validity, cogency, soundness, and overall good of bad qualities of inductive and deductive arguments. Virtually any statement someone says can be analyzed logically, it’s pretty neat. Most paragraphs are a series of premises followed by a conclusion, and these can all be evaluated to be valid or invalid, cogent or uncogent, strong or weak, deductive or inductive, and finally overall they can be judged as good or bad.

It’s nice to know when people are spouting BS! I think everyone should learn the basics of inductive and deductive arguments, it’s actually pretty simple, it’s like a chart that you can refer to when you read arguments and see if people have officially good or bad arguments. It’s definitely on the web somewhere.

Alot of people make inductive arguments but make weak ones that do not follow in probability because of false premises or a false conclusion. Most times people are spouting BS is where they just keep throwing up false premises that are supposed to probably follow, not deductively and necessarily follow. Deductive arguments MUST make sense, they follow mathematically or by necessity (they are not matters of could-be), while inductive arguments MIGHT make sense given the strength of the statements, and are matters of could-be.

I just learned that Einstein was not smart because they recently said that his brain was well connected.

In other words, since his brain was well connected the brain did all the work, NOT Einstein.

Have you ever talked to someone and felt like it was duel at who could finish the sentence? Like my voice raises sometimes when I have in my mind, something I think is pertinent to the conversation, and the other person would raise his voice and intensity like it was of some importance. Man I’m taking a step back and looking at logic, reasoning, the whole thing you know from a different perspective. It seems like my brain is becoming better and better at it daily. See now I know what my brain is trying to do, it is trying to heal itself and the sense that people make I can interpret better. I admit often times silence is next to wisdom. Especially if you like to yak yak yak not really making any points. Or providing the idea, or what I call light bulb you know when you get a good idea the light bulb begins to shine exuberantly?

Its just knowing what I am asking. To Analyzing any other probabilities in the conversation. What I want to say for example, does not exist. Until I get the bright idea and make it so. There is so much out there, but my mind is limited. I feel laughter differently from most people from my observation. I think the seriousness of my demeanor at times, kills humor. I need to be open to jokes more. Its like SZ made me forget how to. Well that is all I got for now, I know my daily experience of recovery of the mind is like a course that I am taking naturally. If you will, God is teaching me wisdom each day. Thanks for the read, have a good evening, day wherever you may be


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Congratulations LWD
You are really doing well with social interaction and pushing yourself and trying to be up for more challenge. I am really happy for you. I hope your light gets stronger as time rolls on.

Thanks Surprised J
You are so polite to people on this board, and are a great contributor.

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I open my mouth and words spill out…