I know the dx does not matter but

I fought long to get the bipolar dx in. Even though initially it was as schizoaffective, I finally was able to get the mood stabaliser in that I wouldn’t have been able to with purely the sz dx.

But now I feel I don’t have bipolar and I’ve made it up… just so I can escape the sz dx. My first psychistrist thought I was in denial of my schiz dx that’s why I kept thinking it was bipolar. Perhaps she was right.


Schizophrenics think too much about things in general. I’ve found bipolars think about different things and mood is a big thing.

I’m paranoid sz but I suffer from serious unipolar depression! It’s not unkown and it’s very common but it’s hard sometimes when your depressive symptoms are more of a problem than your posiitive symtpoms.

It’s not an easy thing these days. It changes with your treatment and your medications…you just have to hang in there, take your meds and figure it all out yourself. Your young. I’m 47. That is some serious getting used to things!


I just feel after 7.5 years I should have an answer… a concrete answer… :confused:


What ever ur diagnosis iz ur good functioning…take care ish…how was ur breakfast…is it cold there …

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Functioning as best as I can…good or not only i know as it feels ■■■■… it is freezing cold… need to find my gloves…

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In a world it is about medications and functions as @far_cry0 points out.

It’s a different world these days and that isn’t a bad thing for the consumer!

Your one of us. What flavor? That is just sematics in the real world where treatment matters!


are you still taking a medication for mood stabilization? is that why you don’t appear to have bipolar?

Diagnostically it’s all far more complicated/ nuanced than is indicated by the DSM or ICD.
At the end of the day it’s all about what treatment works for you- meds or otherwise.
Having said that it’s human nature to want to categorise or belong somewhere.


At my first psych admission I told the nurse I thought I had bipolar but she looked at me and said no I don’t think so. But the pdoc picked up on the Psychosis right away though I had no idea. This MI business can be frustrating. Hang in there Ish.


Diagnosis are just words to help describe what’s going on it’s helpful to know what you have. But it’s still just a word the best thing to do is just try to fix what is bothering you symptom wise.


Well there is no objective test for mental illness. It all comes down to the opinion of a psychiatrist. If you are psychotic, an antipsychotic would be the treatment of choice.

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I’ve had several different diagnosis. Seems what is working is treating my symptoms of anxiety and paranoia with meds, diet changes, supplements, therapy and sometimes group therapy.