I know i asked this before has anyone tried solian before

amuilspride is okay.im getting sideffects from it and i wish to change it.my doctor got sick of me and he said thats it.cause i changed mediction a lot of times.he doesnt wana change anymore.wat can i do.im running out of options.

Amisulpride and the similar sulpiride are my favourite antipsychotics, because they are not sedating and can even be stimulating. In fact, they have zero adverse effects in my experience.

Iā€™m sorry to hear your experience with Solian is less fortunate.

Have you tried cariprazine (Reagila)? It is another antipsychotic drug that is more stimulating than sedating.

But maybe sedation is not a problem for you ā€“ what are your side-effects?



maybe its something else going on.i dont know.one sideffects i get high temperature.i take a tablet and after couple of hours i get really hot.high body temeprature,even in winter.but you are right solian is very stimaulating for me.its almost like a stimulant.antidepressant.also i get weird tongue movement and memory problems.thanx for replaying and helping.i appreciatet it.

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