I kind of miss him

My ex from 2015-16. Hes married to my friend, and we dated. But one day they had a severe miscommunication and he pulled a gun on her, i was standing right behind her and probably would have gotten shot too if he pulled the trigger. We both left him after that. She eventually went back and theyre still together, i dont really get it, that was completely a deal breaker for me and it wasnt even me. Anyway, i dont really know why i miss him.


Sounds like a piece of sh*t


Probably better to miss him. Than be with him.


Ivd begged her to leave. I get nightmares of him murdering her. I got a little too close to him and i saw his dark side, but i just figured it was a typical serial killer interest a lot of people have, but now idk. I really think hes capable of murder, and shed be the first one, because she doesnt put up with his controlling ■■■■ anymore and puts him in his place. Its complicated im sure but shes risking her life being around him. He never was like that with me.

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