I just wrote this after replying to a thread about" faking it"

It’s the good times versus bad times, are we good guys or are we bad guys, is this the truth or do we tell lies, they keep an eye on us but say their not spies, say they trust us but look into their eyes, they don’t trust us nor do they realize, how it hurts us on the insides, looking down on us–oh they criticize, it makes us capsize, feel it welling up–tears in the eyes, yeah it’s going up–like full moon tides, brains blowing up, try and maintain on the outside, cuz it’s the good times versus bad times…


Great rap lyrics.

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I’m very rhymie

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Yeah, I can sympathize. I got eyes, I think I’ll go exercise to work on the size of my thighs.
Wait! Hear that? Seriously. C.mon, listen.
Did she just say…? Yes! Dessert is pumpkin pies!