Fitst time in awhile ive posted a poem anywher,no esteem or comments needed,but if it hits home the tiny fraction it might hit me up about it

Pointing,luaghing,somenody cjeck if je’sok, life is a rollercoaster,love deserted,friends come and go,to hold your own cant be demeaned sd nonsense,as strong things seem to sirvive,hit that booster button whenever u n3d need it once youve found it,leave a trail of smoke for enemies to get blinded in as the pursuit caries on

Wha’? 1515151515

Maybe because it’s not formed, but it reads as a rap more than a poem, even the content does.

Yeah. How . geussing and guessing no more. Time shows us who we r even as others ignore all our life past,present, and future. Time to find simple solutions, and serotonin refreshment on our own. Its in us to do it no matter what tones of color r mood might be .In as much as we seek lost waves that rolled over us before, no matter wher we have directed our souls to follow as they love as loners. Love, or groan against lifes pain,or simply get stoned .To understand peace a little better in this life while being lone. We love or hate,therin lies the future of our souls,and all its fate


Thanks for a jumpstart in my own personal pursuit.Love ya

I like this one. It starts off like a rap but ends very poetically.

Cool bro,awsome input from ur unique soul,much appreciated

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