I just watched a beautiful mind

The movie is making me reconsider if I should set aside an hour or 15 minutes a day to listen to the voices and explain to them that I will ignore them the rest of the time if they talk. Because I felt they may have something they have to say to Me and if I ignore it fully them they will just become stronger until I listen.

Now, with the movie I just watched it’s the opposite idea, completely ignore them voices so that you don’t fall into that delusional ‘fantasy’ or whatever. I can see that perspective as maybe making a REALLY good point too ie.:
It’s like if you ignore faulty neuronal circuits they eventually die out? Kind of thing?

What would your opinion be on it?

I feel so guilty and scared to completely ignore the voices but maybe that is actually what I need to do.

Is there anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to listen to them for like 15 minutes a day?

What is your take on this stuff?

BTW if I ever hear voices again I would also immediately go on ap… But still they voices may not disappear immediately… If ever…


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I find it hard to ignore the voices but I rarely respond to them they get to me emotionally though

They could read my mind
So if they said something they would react to how my mind reacts
How do you ignore? I’ve never done it before tbh

I guess maybe it is possible to ignore them but I’ve never tried idk how much its possible and stuff

I find it almost impossible to ignore but I don’t react

Have you ever reacted to them and if you did do you think that made the voices worse or stronger…

When I was really psychotic I would react to them it didn’t make them stronger or more frequent or anything

Every time I’ve had them the reason I get scared to ignore them is because I guess I lose a bit of insight(?) and wonder what if… They really have the power to send me to hell … When I die…or torture me some other way… If I don’t listen to them. Sighh

That’s how I feel too when I’m psychotic I think what if they’re real

I remember when I saw that movie, it was the best thing in life and this was the one time I felt like a schizophrenic can do anything. Um… That was until I realize he was hallucinating all those help from the gov and this really brought me down because who would of thought a man can get so much punishment in life.

Do you ever hear nice voices?

Either way, I think it’s best to just ignore voices.

I started ignoring my little auditory buttholes and they bother me a lot less these days. :wink:

Take care, Butterfliezzz :butterfly: :sunflower: :snail:

They start off nice and friendly and funny then after a bit they got very unpleasant.

Thanks for sharing sounds like maybe it is good to ignore them completely from what you say.

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In my experience conversing with the voices tends to suck me in. This is what I have seen in patients as well on my psych rotations, they tend to become increasingly agitated the more they interact with the voices. It is better to distract yourself and not engage, same as with hallucinations.

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