I just wanted to say this

Hey, I don’t know if this will help anyone or not.

I wanted to kind of create like a message so here goes, I’m been very blessed with my family and friends and I know alot of people who have been diagnosed with scz loose that and people aren’t supportive. I just wanted to say that there are people going to value and know its just a mental illness that doesn’t define you.

When I had my first dulsional state like 6 years ago( first one, far as I’m aware it’s not genetic either) i didn’t really know what had happened i freaked out when I snapped out and I contacted my family who had gone for a work meal but they couldn’t come straight away so I reached out to my friends who where in area at the time.(I’ve also been friends with these people since I was like 12?)

They were the most supportive took me to get some air, comforted me and were trying to push to get help.

They stood by me and have often told me how strong I am for getting where I am.
I wanted to share incase it helped or something


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