I just wanna an idea

I admire girl i wanna talk to her
It look very rediculous
If i approch her while i am not her friend
How to talk to someone who dont know me too much
Any good idea
All i know about she doesnt want to be in relation with guy coz she is young 25 y only
I going to take meds
Waiting ur answers


Smile and introduce yourself?


Take it slow. Where do you see her? Is it somewhere where it’s considered fairly normal to socialize with strangers? Like a coffee shop? Or is she a neighbor?


I’m having the same trouble! There’s a girl in my class that I exchange looks sometimes (I stare more than her I admit :grin:). We are both older than our fellow mates.

I started to see her last year, but she was never alone. Last semester I didn’t saw her, but this semester I started to see her again and she was alone in many classes. Only last week I made my decision about talking to her. I got pity seeing such a pretty girl alone so many classes. On the beginning of the semester she never seated close to me, but last weeks she started to seat in front of me.

Last Friday I thought asking her if she has exams from past years, but the 1st opportunity I had she was on the phone, the 2nd one she was seated with another girl and I didn’t had any courage to start talking to her.

Any tips for next week? :joy:


@saynow sorry if didn’t help, I don’t know how girls are in your place, if I were you I would try not to put that girl on a pedestal. Being nice and polite is always the best answer. Introducing yourself to anybody new is always the hard part (at least for me). Maybe thinking about being her friend 1st would be a good mindset to start talking to her and not worrying about what she might think of you.

I hope it helped :wink:

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