I just must not care

I know the best thing I can do today is clean my apartment. I’ve put it off and off and off. Because of covid the inspections have stopped and I’ve no incentive to do anything other than a little bit of housework now and then. I’d rather do something artistic.

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I´m living now in a shared house. I know I´ll be obligated to clean my room every now and then. But when I live alone I never clean (but I try not to make too much of a mess). Usually when I leave the only complaints are a lot of dust.


Use art as a reward. What I do is come up with a list of tasks I want done that day. Then after each task I reward myself. It could be anything including watching a favorite tv show. On the days I do the most cleaning I allow myself a Coke Zero. I love Coke Zero but want to only have one per week so after each chore, I take a few sips.

So you could clean something and then do a bit of art, then clean something else and so on. Good luck!

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