I just got home from

A $400 shopping spree. Lol


watcha get? :smiley:

A whole bunch of clothes. Nike’s new tennis shoes and Nike sweatshirt. Underamour stuff. Clothes to wear for orientation for my new job. I was under the impression I’d need more than one outfit. But it turns out I only need one … Smh

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you have a new job? what is it a fitness trainer or something? :slight_smile:

Haha no. I just got the athletic gear cause I like it and it’s name brand and idk I just like Nike and undwrarmour. Haha my new job is at publix

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i like nike as well but i cant afford it

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I usually can’t. But I did today lol

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I have nike running clothes and under armour clothes. I prefer under armour.

I recently got a credit card and I almost went crazy in Academy Sports… almost.

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