I just ended an early relationship with this person

I’m really sad.

He was a nice guy but he took so many things the wrong way.

And I felt too much pressure on me to be a certain way.

:sleepy: :sweat: :disappointed_relieved:


Its a lot of learning but you need to look after yourself and it’s important to have boundaries.

I know it’s hard to see now but you’ll get through this and into better relationships. I’m sure you will. Just take stock. Learn what worked and doesn’t and keep your heart open to new and exciting relationships in your future.



Thank you RogueOne


Difficult to let go…

Of the healthy side of the relationship

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Yeah but if it’s not right it’s better to see that early. I ignore a lot of things in relationships because I’m easy going and I tend to see the good things rather than the negatives much to my detriment.

Trust your instincts and work on the ones that are worth it. You will meet better potentials for sure. Don’t settle simply because your needy and your ignoring the problem signs. That is me in most relationships but I’m learning too at 51!


Thanks I really needed to hear something like that.

Better relationship will come along one day

I feel bad though, I think he feels bad atm. He will get over it

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Just look at it like it was good practice for when someone you like a lot comes along.

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I unblocked him.

Not sure if he will get back to me though because he has blocked me too now. :musical_note:

For sure. I spent way too long trying to focus on the good side of people who were just really wrong for me. Not bad people, but not a good match for who I was.


OK so he has unblocked me too.

I think I love him. Lol

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