I just bought some Nootropics do these work or just bs, people sell to make some money

Heres the ones i bought, there really cheap, says it helps with memory, focus, clarity, and mood. Sounds promising but im very skepitcal, do you guys think this stuff works or just bs.

EzyAbsorb Neuro Dose Dietary Supplement 200mg Herbal Nootropic For Memory Focus | eBay

Brain Booster Nootropic - Number One Nutrition - 60 Veg Capsules exp-12/2021 | eBay

Geez. I wouldn’t buy supplements from ebay.


Best to try it and see what happens.

As long as no damage is done, it doesn’t harm?

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why, I do it all the time. they better price there.

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its worth a shot, didnt hurt my wallet. If doesnt work i only lost 14 bucks.

Buy from iHerb, I find it better as they sell big brands.


Have you every tried nootropics, i never did im curious if this stuff really works.

I tried Bacopa and Ginkgo Biloba, it did nothing for me. Some supplements made me itch a lot and have a rash on my skin.

I bought this stuff, i been taking it, it really helps with my stress, and athletic performance i dont get tired as much couldn’t believe it works. Problem its works to well, i feel really jittery lol.

SIBERIAN ELEUTHERO ROOT 800mg Energy Anti Fatigue Dietary Supplement 120 Capsule | eBay

Yes, I’d trust iherb.com but not ebay.

@oe1489 you should go to webmd.com to check out the ingredients and see if there’s any side effects or interactions.


Be careful with supplements. I read somewhere that combined with antipsychotics ginkbo biloba can cause seizures in people taking antipsychotics because antipsychotics can lower seizure threshold.


No wonder why I got rashes from some supplements:

" * Side effects. Ginkgo leaf supplements are generally safe. In some people, they can cause headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea, gas, and diarrhea. Allergies to ginkgo can trigger rashes or more serious effects."

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I wouldn’t trust those pills


Ebay is rampant with people labeling junk products with fake labels. It’s not trustworthy at all.


At best, you might feel a placebo effect. But never would I ever buy any pills from eBay.


So guys thinks its not safe, could it interact with my psych meds?

really i did not know that. Im just going to try it for week, if i feel weird im going stop but if feel good im going to keeping going.

Good luck with it.

you wont really know what the exact ingredient is because they dont have to disclose it, its not approved by fda.

Yea im going take the risk, if dont feel good ill stop.

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