I hesitate between two haircuts, give me your opinion pls ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, so Iโ€™ll post two photos of mine first, just taken now and sorry if i look too bad :smirk: my bad mi states are chronical, i fight as i can here, plus am on meds lol :smile:
Here, i have my hair behing my ears, which is still quite short:

And here, with my hair on my ears:

Ok, so my face is round, with chubby cheeks and plumpy stillโ€ฆ but i want a new haircut now. One is shorter still, but a bit different than mine now, more well made too :slightly_smiling_face: . For the other one, its longer and i am afraid that itโ€™ll hide too much my face so youโ€™ll see only cheeks idk, but i like it tooโ€ฆ Tell me pls which one you like more and which one will be better on me probably?


I wonder also about the 2nd one, cause there will be no volume and idk if this will be ok on me. But its a more feminine haircut lol i find :grinning: but i have no clue if itโ€™ll suit meโ€ฆ


2nd one. ใ€‚ยฐใ€‚ยฐใ€‚ยฐใ€‚ยฐใ€‚ยฐ


Well hair is important. My hair is gone but is in the process of coming back. Well i do think your hair is nice the last picture i like alot well keep that in mind.

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It wont hide too much my face, so there will be seen only my flaws?
It has no volume too but me too i like the 2nd more now lolโ€ฆ its quite free right? :relaxed:

Well its looser and freer which i think is a hip look that will be great for you!

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I like both haircuts but I like the second one better.

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Second one. I would so get that if u had that hair texture

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2nd one yep is good. There both good tho styled

I think the first one because of your part in your hair

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2nd one, but pick one that suits ur personality

The first one is what I prefer for you.

I like the 1st one

Personally i like the 2nd hairstyle. Looks carefree and natural.

I would try the 2nd one first and see how you like it.

second one iโ€™d choose =)

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Second. Having a Bang is nice.

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You can get spray and mousses to add volume for the haircut.
I think the 2nd one would look very cute on you

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I like them both! But if you make me choose ill go for 2nd.


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Oh, thank you all for the answers lol :relaxed::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
Ok, the second one is gorgeous, but i was trying to simulate it here in front of the mirror and the truth is, that if i cover my ears with all kind of haircut, it looks very bad on me tbh, believe me lol :smirk:
I am in my 40s, my features turned a bit hard and severe around my sz and the medsโ€ฆ its just better when theres more volume on me and mainly, open ears yeahโ€ฆ when i get it longer too, i become like one big giant square, my shape is badโ€ฆ
Ok, so i looked for alternativesโ€ฆ I wasnt putting my parting in the middle of my head, i had a side bang but i can wear my way in the middle too, its still ok, i checked thatโ€ฆ
So i found this. This looks loose and free too, i want a bit of free spirit still :relaxed::relaxed:
So with my face, its probably better lol :slightly_smiling_face:


i like you in the first photo xx you look great with ish very short hair
sorry to not really answer your question