Should I keep my very short hair?

OK, guys and gals, advise me on this :relaxed: I really like the easy maintain of it. Plus, it feels lightly on the head… Plus maybe it’s a bit rebel for a girl, but idk if this is cool?
Guys, how do you react to girl with boyish cuts? :thinking:
Maybe my face is too big for such a short pixie, no?
But I look badly too with even longer hair… I look older when longer… Plus, my hair is not so healthy when longer…
I like a bit to confuse the people with my short hair, but maybe I look bad with it, idk… For the shorter hairs, it’s better to have a good face, while mine is curve I find from all the pain and the bad lifestyle, idk, hah…
For those who have time, pls post me pics, if you want, with possible cuts for my precise face. In what cut do you see me? :blush:
OK, now my current hair:


I think that if you like it short fk what anyone thinks. But I personally like longer hair @Anna1

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Also I didn’t read all of what you said sorry I have trouble reading anything more than like a sentence

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Ok I was to comprehend a bit more of that I had to read it like 8 times. I mean short hair on a girl is fine… it’s very common around me tbh. And I’m not sure what you mean by your hair is unhealthy when long… you look fine reguardless :heart:

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I like your current hair. :relaxed: I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair really short. I think you look good. The low maintenance must be a great plus. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think your current style suits you well. I wouldn’t change it. But, if you’re really keen on something new, I think a chin length bob would also work.

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You don’t look masculine with that cut at all. You are very feminine looking to me


I think your hair suits you fine, but really hairstyling is to make you feel good about yourself. Preferably without spending $200/month.

And maybe this one eventually?

But idk if it will suit my face. Tbh, I still look for a bit of anarchy in my hair etc, idk why :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Maybe cause I want freedom in my look, some provocation lol hah…
I think of @Pikasaur here, she is such a cutie with her cut right now :slightly_smiling_face: But my conversion disorder and my sz curve my body, I think, that I have a bit of anomalic face :smirk:

You look great as usual @Anna1!
Short hair suits you nicely!


I started seeing a psychiatrist in1969. I saw him for an hour once a week when I was outpatient. I saw him for an hour three times a week when I was inpatient.

I came to him with long hair, but also clean shaven.

Eventually he wanted to grow his hair longer, and he wanted side burns. He asked me how to figure out how long they should be, and he talked about how you make one side of the face equal to the other side.

I told him I measured my side burns against my ears. He said, his ears are not equal.

I looked at him. His ears were not the same height. I said, “You’re right.”

That was the last time we ever talked about it.


What do you think about that last pic on me eventually? It looks too severe or not? My mom would say, that it’s a feminist cut lol…
But if I make this last cut in the photo, I won’t look too different still though, right?
One of my ill friends irl had this cut when younger… I hope she won’t get angry, that I’ll have it now eventually idk…

In my opinion it’s too radical but I’m a little old fashioned.
I think you would look good with that cut also.
You can certainly try it out.

Yeah, I think too that it’s very radical… I risk to be judged on that :smirk: My current pixie is less radical than this one you find? I know nothing me :grin:
Post me a pic, pls, dear, with a hair , which you think, that will put me the most in value, please​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Please folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Forgive my shoddy computer graphic skills but here is a picture of your precise face with longer hair…


Do what makes you happy, don’t worry about what others think!


Hah, OK yeah… I can’t smile still in front of a camera, am quite crazy, pals…
Yeah, my hairdresser says, that I have tender features, so more feminine look will be better…
But I won’t go for so long nope…
But thank you for the effort, it touches me even :relaxed:
I wonder if I don’t look too radical even now with this so short pixie, no? The most of the guys don’t seem to like boyish cuts on women…

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Honestly on you I think it is a youthful look.

I like long hair on girls but some of them look fine with short hair and that’s cool too.

If it were me I wouldn’t want to spend all the time it takes dealing with long hair.

After I was dealing with the first psychiatrist for years, I said to him, “I have a high sex drive.”

He said, “You’re lucky.”

Well, yeah!

just keep your hair the way you like it yourself… you look nice with the short hair but i’m sure it would be nice if it was a bit longer too =).

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I think this style will be good IMO.