I have two friends on Facebook now

Thanks to @starrynight kindly adding me on Facebook, I now have a whopping two friends!!! I am Mister Popular. Maybe I will try to revive my Facebook after a 5 year hiatus from it. It used to make me real paranoid but no more. Still scared to re-connect with old friends, but maybe I will develop the guts to do it eventually. Anyone wanna add me PM me and I’ll send you the link or you send me yours :blush:


I tried facebook. It wasn’t for me. It brought out all my worst characteristics toward people.

I’ve never used twitter or facebook! I’m a luddite.

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thanks it is kinda fun on FB but it’s not always safe or it would be called something else. The CIA uses it to catch criminals too. Just it’s not a good thing, they get your phone and then read it all.

You need friends everyone does. I am happy to be yours!!

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good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

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Ur a brave a soul for being on Facebook i applaud you. I cant make another one for the life of me.

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