I have trouble thinking

i have trouble thinking.
my brain doesnt cooperate when i try to think.
my mind feels as if it is blown away and i have trouble trying to collect my thoughts.
this impairs my rational or coherent thinking.

hey friends what do u make of it

The best advice to give is drinking 2 cups of strong coffee in the morming as there is no meds or supplements that really work for these symptoms.


this sucks that there r no meds for this.

thanx for the advice.

but isnt coffee bad for the heart?

Coffee in moderation isn’t had, its the most used and popular drink worldwide. I mix it with milk, 3/4 coffee 1/4 milk cup. I drink 2 cups daily every morning, some here drink 7 and don’t have issues but I recommend staying under 4.

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ok thanks.

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Also don’t drink it after 5pm as you will sleep late.

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I have emptiness in mind.
I don’t know if it’s the result of years of meditation or it’s the schizophrenia

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Im sorry you feel that way I hope you get to feeling better one day it sounds absolutely horrible :pensive:

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i suppose emptiness is not bad.

also i dont know how u got it

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I found out its both because I stopped meds for a year. Meds and sz both cause negative symptoms but I am less functional without meds anyways because of positive symptoms.


thx for ur feelings.

i have sort of become used to it.
i m fighting it for the last 28 years.
just killed my youth and life.
but i will not lose to it, i will fight on.
and even though i suffer from it i am still happy.

life sucks even for so called ‘normal’ people.

i am happy wtf if i cant think.
a day comes and a day goes what if i dont do much but i exist and i call that life, i am happy.

i have a hope in my heart that one day i will be ok like i was before sz

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