I have to get false teeth, are they comfortable in ur mouth

what has been your experience with false teeth

I have also decided to ditch my troublesome natural teeth and get falsies. So far I have had four back teeth extracted and another four to come out in a few days time, then the remaining twenty or so.

There are a lot of helpful videos on You Tube that should allay all your fears and questions. It is these videos that persuaded me to go ahead with it.

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They wont fit properly for at least a month, if youve just had your teeth pulled, cos your gums will take some time to shrink.

Just buy some decent denture fixative when you wear them and they wont rub.

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The first month is pretty uncomfortable, but it’s been good since. I’m coming up on my first year with them and they have really given me my quality of life back. It’s nice to eat popcorn without worrying about shattering a tooth. No longer have to worry about dentists or dental pain. I’m able to enjoy most foods without issue. Some things are a no go (e.g. toffee, wine gums).


What about kissing? We will have to relive that “first kiss” all over again. That’s if I ever find a partner again.

Mrs. Pixel has no complaints.

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My partial denture is so horrible to eat with that I take it out. Most people do. The upper denture covers the roof of your mouth making the eating sensation horrible.

My stepdaughter was in the process of seeing about dentures for me, and then a few weeks later Covid19 hit the UK. I do worry about swallowing dentures.

I don’t see how one could. Too blessed big, even the lower plate.

It bothered me for the first month, but now I’m used to it. Having to chew with mostly no molars was more horrible. Worrying that biting into a bloody chicken finger could shatter a tooth that was coming apart was even more horrible. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy meals and chew with my whole mouth again. Being able to smile in photographs is also wonderful.

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I have enough money to get my fixed dentures that don’t cover the roof of your mouth. The problem for me is getting there and back twice. To get measured and then for the op.

Celiac disease ruined the enamel on my teeth and thus attracts tea stains unfortunately, plus having the front teeth getting kicked out in an unprovoked assault. It is not that I don’t clean them, that I do religiously.

The money I spend on the fixed dentures is what people spend on a car, but I don’t drive so it is money well spent.

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I need dentures but I’m too phobic to see a dentist.

I know it’s not a rational fear. It’s very persistent though.

That would be great. If I do smile I look like a raddled beggar from the Tudor period.

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My father is getting false upper teeths he’s 75y.o. I hope my teeths last until 75y.o. like him.

My nan has them but rarely uses them

She stores them in her bra!

Oh. My. Goodness.


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My dad has about 5 original teeth left, he’s had dentures forever. I never hear him complain about them, I guess you get use to them after a while.