I have to bring this up every now and then

I was taking an online humanities class about 4 years ago. Our teacher had us write a 1000 word essay comparing and contrasting the three major world religions. I got 100 out of 100 points possible. And my teacher wrote a little note asking me if he can use my essay in all his future classes as an example of how an essay should be written.

Also, before that, I took an online class about the Beatles, my favorite band. I was doing great and then at the end of the class for the last question on the final he asked us to summarize the Beatles impact on music and their place in history in a short paragraph. I submitted my answer and he graded it and gave me an A for the final and told me that in the ten years that he had been teaching this class, that my final answer was the best he had ever seen. And he gave me an A+ for the class, the only A+ I ever got in college.


When I was in the army I carried an M60 machine gun the entire distance on a twelve mile rapid march that my squad leader passed out on.


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