School paper

Hi, here are comments my teacher made about an essay I wrote for my class that just ended.


Excellent work, Nick. Your thesis that, “Some of the other characteristics that are shown in the readings are also common to all three Gods, namely to show Him faith and obedience or risk his wrath, and also for his followers to treat each other with kindness, respect, and generosity” is spot on and you do a fine job supporting it in the body of your essay.

In fact, would you give me permission to use your essay as a model for future students?""

It’s an online class. Lots of classes require writing essays. Some teachers put up examples online for students of what an essay should look like . He wants to use mine that way!!


that’s amazing,

you must have done really, really well for him to say that,

good for you :slight_smile:

Good for you! That’s impressive. I’ve never had a teacher want to use my writings as an example to other students on how a paper should be written.

That is really cool. Great work Nick. You knocked it out of the park. :thumbsup: