I have to apply for government housing

And I keep putting it off. I can’t afford where I live anymore. When my son turned 18 I lost the money I received for him and now I’m so broke it hurts. I’m trying my best to keep up with bills but I’m barely making it. The idea of moving sickens me. I’ve lived here almost 7 years. But I know it’s time. Life can be so difficult.


Can your son get a job to help or did he move?

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Do the application. I am good till dad goes but have my shrink already keeping an option open. I know it’s hard but do what you have too to get the public housing. It’s worth the effort!


Suggest reaching out to food banks and church charities right away to start stretching your budget. Catholic Social Services, LDS Food Bank (Mormons have great food stashes), Salvation Army, and so on. I just checked and it looks like the minimum waiting list where you live is about six months.



He has an excellent job and he will chip in a bit but I want him to be able to save for college and for moving to where the school is. He just started two weeks ago. He will start paying his phone bill as well


mine is about 5 years. Its nice though.

Some places have no housing and thus have 15-20 year wait list. Such a shame. Its mostly the poor counties. California isn’t all that great. Not anymore if ever.

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I hope it’s not a long waitlist. Where I live, it’s a 10 year wait list and they’re no longer taking new names for the list. Sucks.


I’m sorry you have to move.

Moving is hard,

But not being able to afford your place is harder.


oh man, I am so sorry about that…!! please fill out your app as soon as possible to relieve stress on you !!

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By any chance.
Do you know were other state is a good place?

I’m not sure. But my sister in law, who is deaf and partially blind, got an apartment in South Carolina without having to wait a long time.

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