I have this Delusion

I feel like some people die, are buried and still aware. And we will never have proof because they are underground.

It really upsets me.

I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

What can I do to overcome this fear or overcome this delusion?

I mean, for example, I have read rare stories of where people woke up at the funeral or at the place where they inject preservative in your body.

Very few cases.

I don’t think I will go to hell anymore. I think we just die. but this delusion I’ve brought up still upsets me.

Or what if people are still aware but can’t move, when they are refrigerated after death.

Why worry about it? You might live another 40 years before that could actually happen. Like you said, it’s rare that happens.

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Because what if I am aware of being in a coffin until I rot to dust

Maybe that happens to a lot of people but we just don’t know about it.

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As someone thats had an NDE - from flatlining from malnutrition in hospital - i would say you got nothing to worry about. I would discuss further - but fear it comes under “religion”.

Stop worrying and live your life.


I read a science article on Facebook that said it takes years for the dead body to decompose.

hmmm. never knew that, assuming they would know that.

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Yes it does take years to decompose - because of the embalming (at least here in uk). Your blood is drained, purely to stop any prospective pathogen entering the earth and the water supply.


Have yourself cremated if you’re really concerned about it.

I’m going to get cremated because of an unusual belief that I have.

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I have unusual beliefs about cremation too.

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I’m glad you came out your NDE that sounds scary.

Do you remember anything at all from the NDE? Or I suppose not. How long did it go on for

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I was dead for 27 minutes. All i felt was an extreme warmth and a “belonging”. Wasnt scary in the slightest
Was 7 years ago now. Its like i travelled with the power of thought. Make of it what you will, but i aint scared of dying. Im 100% positive its not the end.


I’m slightly scared of dying but for other reasons, I don’t want my kids to be orphans, and my own parents are in their 70’s, so there they’ll be. I am leaving them life insurance money though.

I’ve made changes for the better, but still smoking. I’ve quit many times, seems harder this time.

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If something like that happened to me I’d want to stay dead.

You having a good day?

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Yeah, you could say it was euphoric, people have said in documentarys they have considered suicide “to go back” i dont talk about it openly usually, cos it was a very personal experience for me. I did actually consider it gave me the sz, thru some form of brain damage.

Yes my dear, im having a good day. Its past 5pm so im due my bed soonish. Bed early, up early lol.


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Well sleep well. Good night :crescent_moon:

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Nighty night x x

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By the time they put preservitive in your blood. You will die anyway. So it’s impossible to be buried alive. The old days they didn’t use formaldehyde.

I hope you’re right…

I had a horrible hallucination and delusion about something along those lines

I also wonder what if for some reason I’m not preserved.

Idk how to stop these thoughts, @Sheryl

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