I have the urge to do drugs

I guess to cope with everything.

I wont because i know that will make it worse

Watch videos about the tenderloin. In San Francisco! A lot of mentally ill drug addicts! Do not do drugs !! Period

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Eat a banana or some raspberries instead !!! They’ll make you feel better

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I hope it goes away. Sometime I have the urge too. It’s not pleasant and it’s difficult to deal with sometimes.

Sometimes I have the urge, too. It helps to wait it out and know that the feeling will pass. All feelings pass, eventually.

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Don’t do it. It will indeed just make things worse.

I plan on staying off drugs going forward. I mean I have a medical card I consider that ok in my case but I had a really bad drug experience in March ■■■■ kinda hit the fan 4 me. I mean in some ways I have mixed thoughts about it being a bad thing for me the whole situation but it made me realize I’m lucky to be alright and I don’t think the drugs are worth it anymore. What drugs r u craving. I’m hoping I won’t need to self medicate anymore. Just take things I have prescribed. I hope my new med regiment makes the difference plus clarity. I’ve been slowly getting better 5 years on naltrexone in terms of my addicted mind and I think I don’t wanna do drugs anymore but won’t be counting days anyways. Also I don’t think alcohol is good. Some people may be able to handle a few beers or psychedelics or other drugs in moderation and I don’t regret most my experiences but not me at this point. I never wanna do ketamine again. Well I do but at the end it lead to poor decisions and worse mental health (I hope) for me. For a while it was helping my mental health but not at the cost of mania and psychosis. But it cured me a lot of bad things but not at a bad risk. It was hard to balance. But I’m hoping higher and different meds helps me now. Hang in there you hope all is well. May you sleep well tonight and tomorrow will be a good day as well

I’m Hoping everything will be alright for both of us

I’m a recovering addict. I want to use sometimes but only seriously considered it once in the past 12 months. I think: I need to relax. Addiction is self destruction. I wanted to get rid of myself for a long time. One night I wrote for four hours about my life and when I finished I felt I’d offed myself. I watched a movie on youtube in that blank state and really enjoyed it, it was a showtime movie about mentally ill people committing crimes in the 1800’s, I didn’t know until afterwards it was discrimination.

After 5 months of going to AA meetings the compulsion and obsession to use drugs or drink was lifted from me one night.

That was 31 years ago and I have never had the urge to drink or do drugs since.

AA, CA and NA work…


I dont know if im an addict… Ive used lsd a handful of times but had to stop due to having flashbacks. I do use marijuana regularly though

How about cbd? I get cravings every three months regardless of what I do. So instead of getting slammed with regular pot, I opt for cbd. Getting none or a slight intoxication is better than getting hammered. I practice harm reduction, I don’t advocate your usage/ non usage, just describing what’s worked for me.

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Hugs not drugs.


Drugs are catch 22

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I have the same urge… Not alcohol, not weed, but drugs. I just have to be active, then the urge vanish.

Most people whom I met while homeless were drug addicts and mentally ill. I was with them but not a drug addict. Drug addiction is a path to a dead-end road. I hope your urge to take drugs fades away. It leads to a life of sadness and a bad ending. My drug is food. I just eat all of the time. I’m not fat yet but will be. So, I must be careful too.

I can drink alcohol but it doesn’t make sense for me. Sure I rarely drink enough to get drunk but it’s just wasted calories and regularly I could be doing other things more positive.

It’s hard. Like I can drink everyday and did for a long time but it just held me back. I can still be well without it and it does get easier when you let it go and give it some time…

I’ve found replacing negative behavior like drinking is best replaced by positive like exercise and that has been working well for me. IT’s hard to get there but so worthwhile.

I had the urge to try LSD.
But it passed

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Yeah dont it made me develop sza

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I took too much once at a festival and i remember losing my absolute mind. I laid on the ground panicking and i had to repeat my name in my head and where i was over and over or i felt i would lose my identity. Lol i havent been the same since

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