I have the same feeling playing guitar as i do when playing golf

all this practice and time spent attempting to get better but no improvement. i don’t think i have the natural talent for it, so just going to read from now on, and not try to be a folk star haha. i have lots of things i want to read about though, so instead of 2 hours of forced guitar practice, i will read up on topics of interest instead. i feel pretty good about it, maybe someday i will play again but for the time being i have put my guitar in its guitar case and put it away out of sight.


I play drums and I don’t really get better but I have a blast! I’m good though I’ve been playing 20 years but I haven’t gotten much better in the past few years. I only sound a tiny bit better and it takes many many practices. Maybe you have plateaued or something. You don’t have to stick with it if you’d rather read by all means. Reading is great too!!


lifer were you live people get in groups to play and teach the folk music cajun style . the last too i went too. one with muddy waters was fun and he made me feel welcome. you need to meet more people. turst me dude.


Do you play electric? Maybe buy some pedals to broaden your available sounds.

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