I have schizophrenia and my husband is my caregiver, but our 4-part financial safety net means I'll be OK no matter what

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Sounds great. But both my husband and I are disabled. We have 3 kids who need us financially. One is 16, one is 21 and the third is 26. The 21 and 26 year olds are mentally ill and don’t work. They’re both unwilling to apply for SSI. They want to work “when they heal”. We can’t count them as dependents because of their shes. If we could we would qualify for tons of help. But we’re screwed and get none. Not even the extra help for low income people on Medicare. We might lose everything we have soon because we can’t keep up. It’s so hard

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Antipsychotic doesn’t work fully on them so they can’t work?

They’re not psychotic. One has bipolar and the other has ptsd and depression. Neither are functioning well enough to work

Lol 4-part financial safety net. That’s ridiculous. So glad I don’t have to worry about this.

Reminds me of those heartwarming orphan-crushing machine stories.

That’s nice for rich people. The rest of us real people have to do what we can and roll with it.


“I’ll be ok no matter what” is a truly delusional statement. No human can make that guarantee. Recessions and booms come and go. Currencies crash or gain strength. Governments come and go.

Life’s about making common sense plans, rolling the dice and then rolling with the punches . . .

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You shocked me with title @everhopeful! I’ve been positive you are a guy all this time. Now I see it was just the title of the article. Don’t scare me like that!

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Lol. That’s funny.

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