I have no income at all, I don't know what to do

I have no income at all, I don’t know what to do



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If you ever decide to go on meds can you get some financial assistance from your country?

That’s how disability works in America. We get living assistance, but we have to be taking meds and keeping up with doctor visits.

Play chess at the park for a charitable wage… err… music too. Fork it, thuggie life for them huggie pampers.

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Idk, i get financial assistance from my government, i get something bc i am disabled and something bc i am not employed

You shouldnt put yourself in that situation :cry::cry:

If you’re not disabled and you don’t need meds, you should be ready to work.

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Search for a part time job, something you are good at. Go for it!

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Thank you fellows, I think it is a healthy thought and I hope at a certain stage I will find a way to earn


Maybe you could train to become a fitness instructor. I’m sure they make good money.


You can do it! Or if you can’t the good garbage is always on top and the best neighborhoods to scavenge are the ones with multiple restaurants, people leave their leftovers and restaurant workers smoke on their breaks leaving half smoked cigs. Beware of other hobos! But try to avoid all that, that’s just worst case scenario advice. Beach towns are good to live at. But if you can try to get income??? Disability or maybe work but hopefully your country offers disability.


I get unearned income. I’m striving to get earned income, but it’s very difficult.

Where I live, some people don’t hire other people because of age, mental illness, unemployment, and etc.

Some employers just don’t hire mentally ill people. I’ve heard that the army doesn’t quite enlist mentally ill persons. Some private employers ask about a mental illness, and might not accept applicants who refuse to answer. Some federal contractors actively hire mentally ill persons, but I feel that most employers don’t hire mentally ill persons because their mental illness is seen as a detriment to business.

Some people then turn to self-employment.

I reviewed all the local laws and it seems very difficult to be self-employed. Most self-employments seem to require licenses. It seems illegal to repair electronics, wash cars, guard property, make home improvements, and such without a license. Some licenses require licensees to not have a mental impairment. It’s almost infuriating.

Some odd jobs are borderline illegal, like collecting recyclable materials.

I’m aiming to be a grocery deliveryman. That occupation doesn’t seem to require a license. But some food stores limit the amount of food that a single person can buy, so that odd job might not last long and is at the mercy of food store owners.

I’m working with an employment network to be a security guard. Again, my mental illness might disqualify me from such license, but whatever. I have to show people that I tried. I have more faith in grocery delivery work.

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Bro, I have never laughed so hard in my life.

You should make memes dude, seriously.

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Man DNA, I apologize for making smart remarks about some of our social skills being that of a high schoolers. I’m glad to hear you got a good laugh bro.

You work out often, why not try getting manual work from a temp agency? It doesn’t require you to concentrate very hard, just move stuff around. You’ll get paid well, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

It doesn’t have to be full-time, either.


Income or no, I suggest these two rules:

  1. Do the best you can in the day you’re in.

  2. Strive to do more in the following day than the proceeding one whenever possible.

Do these over enough days and things work out surprisingly well.



I have only a little income Chess. But I am trying to find work maybe as a secretary or working in an office. Maybe you can work as a teacher’s assistant.

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For starters, find a good place to pitch a tent (at least for a backup plan) - freaks and weirdos wander around at night so having a permanent place to sleep is Important ---- get on food stamps, SSI and it never hurts to get a job … 2 jobs equals enough for an apartment …

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