I have needed so much patience

How much patience does schizophrenia require? I think many years and possibly the entire lifetime until the end. I have patient people who support me too.


Yes. I agree. You need patience with it, for sure.

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I have learned patience…like losing weight…it too me ten years but I finally lost all of it…I said I would never marry again…with time with the right person I found it is possible to believe in forever love…things happen…it just takes a long time…


Yes sz needs patience for life.


I just figured out my tattoo. I’m getting patience, loyalty and courage tatted around my wrist like a bracelet. I value loyalty and courage tremendously. I’ve struggled with patience. I think patience is going to be on the top of my wrist. It will remind me to be patient.

Thank you for the idea!

Sz is a sh*tshow where you just see how much bs you can go through and still smile, I’ve learned patience I didn’t know existed, and I’m still learning, and life decided to turn up the difficulty for me unexpectedly and all I can do is be glad that I’m not dead, not being tortured, raped or kidnapped and suddenly things don’t look so bad.

I want patience and I want it now.


I heard you can have a lot of patience if you become a doctor.

Edit: Patients not patience :crazy_face:

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it requires a lot of patience for sure… but i think you learn to find the patience over the years…

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