I have family after all!


After a long lull of me living out of state away from my family, my family gatherings are getting a full schedule this summer while my sister doesn’t have to teach. Tonight was my sister’s birthday party and all my nephews, niece and their friends were there and they really love me and that made me realize suddenly that I have family surrounding me again…such a dear feeling I’ve not had in a long time…I can’t describe the power of love that is between my mom, step dad (dad to me) and me, but when we are together I feel so happy…my sister is wealthy and she catered really delicious italian pasta dishes, ravioli, and my niece bought her a really beautiful two tier cake, it was Marble on the top tier, and white cake below…it was covered in chocolate covered strawberries, and blackberries and rasberries, really blew me away how pretty is was ? ok, I’m rambling but I just wanted to share the evening with all of you to show that family, if you have it, is I think essential to feeling good about life…


Yes it is Jukebox and I am so glad you have a loving family there to support you


I am so happy that this finally came to you. You must be doing so well. I wish this for my son-in the future.
Thank you for sharing this…


thanks to both of you…@bridgecomet, life can turn on a dime, it’s true…I didn’t think I would ever start to really see my family a lot when I moved back home to Oklahoma in a small town in lower central Okla. …my sister is an elementary teacher and took the summer off…my nephews are coming over to see me all the time and tonight his friend brought over a sweet acoustic guitar and asked me to play him some songs…he said he couldn’t believe my Led Zeppelin covers and then I played Sanitarium by Metallica for them and they just acted surprised…haha…probably hard to imagine an old man like me can still rock…haha…


That sounds cool Jukebox- it is nice to have close family ties, really glad for you


**Wow-----what could be better??
Can you play Misty Mountain Hop? :sunny: **


not really …Misty Mountain Hop is mainly a keyboard tune…I play “the rain song”, the obligatory “stairway to heaven”, “when the levee breaks”, “over the hills and far away”, “babe, I’m gonna’ leave you”, “thank you”, “whole lotta’ love”, uhm, and some other instrumentals by Led that I can’t remember the titles…haha…that’s why my friends used to call my jukebox…I can play almost anything on request from the sixties and seventies…I know about 400 songs…you’d think I’d play guitar more often …I’m stopping smoking tomorrow and I plan on soon getting another 12 string guitar again…I love the way they sound? anyways, thank you bridge comet…!!


Over the hills and faraway??? Thats hard to play! Im glad you are having a good time:))))


I thank you…for an average guitar player it’s not that hard…it’s “tricky” because it uses “pull offs” to make that sound…thank you though you are really nice to me !!