Got everybody singing tonight at the cookout

It felt really good to play my guitar for my family at the burger and hotdog cookout over at my sister’s new house with her ex husband soon to be husband again. I took requests and did pretty good. the songs were obscure. one song I played and enjoyed was “coal miner’s daughter” by Loretta Lynn My brother’s wife really enjoyed that. I played “sweet caroline” as per my mom’s request and “amie” for my sister (named Amy) anyways, it was a really good time and at one point I was going to put my guitar up and they begged for an encore of “she talks to angels” by the black crowes. I felt proud.


Glad you and the family are doing well. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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Good for you, music, even the more obscure ones, is always a lift up

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Way to go jukebox!

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thanks you guys. I finally feel like I’m home getting to see my family so much again.

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Awesome, man!

I bet I had stranger requests tonight than you. Here’s the most requested:


Both are descriptive of the area I live in. Really.


that’s really interesting. I had a lot of country duties that I love to play as long as I like the artist. the only contemporary country I play is Toby Keith. and Dwight Yoakum.

I keep thinking of last night. Had such a great time.

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Sounds like a great time. You’re lucky to have your family close to you. Any time I see my brother or my sister it is always a great time. We’re lucky to have family that supports us.

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