Family is visiting all the time

I just got back yesterday from partying with my sister Amy at her wealthy mansion and it was a blast…she accidentally ruined the peach ice cream though, that was disappointing but she just got the machine so I’m sure she will make good ice cream next time…haha…tomorrow my cousin Joseph is coming over to share some goodies he got from Colorado on his last trip there so I am very happy…haha…I have decided that I have a pretty good life after all…I am tired of mowing every week because it won’t stop raining all the time, but other than that “it’s all good”…decided to just cut down to one cigarette an hour so that I can finally quit trying to quit…I was smoking three packs a day and now it’s just down to one pack a day…so I don’t feel completely like a failure…? Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend…


It sounds like you have a really cool family Jukebox - I have been connecting to my family more lately as well. My moms sister, one of my aunts stayed over for about a week - nothing beats family if you really think about it


I’m glad you’re feeling better @jukebox. It sounds like things are looking up. I’m glad you have your family around you. It does help.

Thats a nice thing to think about. I know I wouldn’t get through my day nearly as well as I do if I didn’t have my family on my side. Yes there are some frustrating times, but all in all, I’m a very lucky sod to have the family I do.