I have drank so much today

I’ve had 2 cups of coffee, 1 big glass of iced tea, then my sister bought me a double espresso with half & half in it, then I had a big glass of my spring water, then at lunch I had a bottled water, I just finished of a watermelon propel and I’m starting on a raspberry-orange propel. I’m gonna float away.


Be careful… psychogenic polydipsia might be the thing that takes me out of my nine lives(I feel I’ve had.)

Water initially brought down the coffee jitters felt like I was ‘in control more of my come down from something.

Coffee is a liquid in its own right to boot.

Polydipsia corresponds to Sz. it is rare but it gets to people who are bored and anxious.

There. All you ever wanted to know about it…
: ).


I feel I am normally quite sane when it comes to my drinking habits. I don’t know what’s up today. Total gluttony.

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I drink a lot every day.

I have one cup of coffee in the morning when I get up, then I have 3 cups of tea (white/green/black), then I might have a couple decaf coffees, then another tea.

But I have to drink a lot. I am on a drug called Forxiga and you have to drink a lot when you are on it. It’s for diabetics and helps you pee out the excess sugar.


That’s a lot of caffeine Leafy, be careful.

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I think I have this. Polydipsia.

The caffeine usually has a calming/sedating effect on me for some reason. That started a few years ago. I think it interacts with my meds or something. Or maybe I just built up tolerance from when I used to do like 8 shots of espresso before my shifts at the Casino.

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How long has it been about would you say? Is it usually really cold water, at least preferably?

I drink all sorts of cold drinks but they don’t have to be cold. I just drink a lot but have been conscious of it and am starting to drink less. I think.

I came into this thread thinking I was going to need to suspend someone. Lol.


lol, I’m not that kind of drinking

That’s the way to treat it is just will power …

Anecdotally: I read a case where a struggler w this drank from a toilet, because all others avenues were being blocked by parents or something like that.

Wow. That’s pushing it.

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If you continue to see a pattern with yourself I will try to help!

Does it feel like a short burst of instant gratification or even dopamine when you drink

@anon64158233 is it a form of OCD?

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I really don’t think so I think it’s like a separate topic but I can see what you mean. I don’t have other OCD things about me though.

Sure I picked my head in the past but I chalk that up to the (3000(?)) chemicals found in cigs … which I’ve been fighting(had a relapse recently).

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I love water. Our city has excellent water from the tap for whatever reason.


Yes it does feel like a burst.

It’s natural I think… That’s why Starbies prints ‘That first sip feeling’ on their cups…

but for me(and maybe for you too), perhaps if we retrain our brains for longer term goals [we] or again I, can pull [myself] out of the pattern, and right the ship.

I read running a marathon creates happiness; so does completing a book; these are both longer term things that … well the former is impossible for me now, and I’m bad at the latter… (probably all related).

thanks for chiming in… professionals dont know much about this subject.

loool “im gonna float away”

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