I have discovered I always wanted a monopoly

To monopolize every social situation I’m in. It’s the height of immaturity and delusion if not greed. I might as well throw in believing I’m God.:eyeglasses:

Hyper-competitiveness is a hallmark of being an “undermethylator”, might be something worth looking into. When a person is normally methylating they are a lot more chill and tolerant.

What do you do to have normal methylating? My mother was hyper-competitive thinking she was and had to be the best.

Normally someone sees a naturopath or orthomolecular doc for that ailment (if you ask a GP about your methylation status, he will look at you funny). There is some literature by an actual MD (Dr. Albert Mensah) about it, here:

Undermethylators are usually prescribed a special multivitamin without folic acid and 400 mg SAM-e, to see if mood improves. It is a balancing act though, since too much methylation can cause its own host of issues. Normally takes about 6-8 weeks to feel a real difference in mood.

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