I have decided it's better to wait than not get a stimulus at all

I heard lawmakers sent a scathing letter to the I R S about them still not paying some on disability and social security programs yet…anyways…with that being said, I am happy that I am still getting a stimulus check even though I don’t have it yet…taught me patience for sure…

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I read that too, and also Social Security furnished the IRS with people’s checking information today. Maybe we will see something this weekend.

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We got a letter today from the IRS saying that they had sent us our second stimulus check via direct deposit…thank you for telling us, IRS…two months later. Lol


waiting this long has shown me what I really need and what I really don’t…so far, it’s a smart phone ($150), enough custom designed leather bookmarks to design really cool Christmas gifts for family and friends…($145), bills, ($450), and live on the rest.

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