I have brown skin, I have been in the song


What is going on with you? The Mods have had to delete three of your posts.
We’ll have to suspend you again if you keep this up.

I don’t understand what is he doing wrong?

history. If you knew it you wouldn’t ask.

Its not this post, its the posts we had to delete.

How have our people been treated?

What has changed?

I have no idea what you’re talking about :confused:

Well … that can be good or … really bad.

All people have been treated like ■■■■ at one point or another…at least your ancestors wernt completely annihilated like a few were…

there are drugs for that, as long as you agree to “
treatment terms” … I don’t… I am bad if you want to believe what you are told

So you just came back off a lengthy suspension to jump right back in where you left off? :confused:

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So how about them my little pony things… With their unnatural colorings and super powers…

Which one is your favorite? I don’t have one just making conversation.

Hey Flame, @Rhubot can bring back the My Little Pony avatar for you. :smile:

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Watch robot chickens my Apocalypse pony… Lol I like all 4 of them… The rapture has never been so cute…

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