I have been on the forum nearly seven years

I came to the old forum in the summer of 2013. I find this forum helpful, it also gives me a chance to use English. In my life currently I use just Finnish daily.


I’ve been on this forum too long myself

When was this forum created?
I joined 26 Dec 2019 but dudn’t use it until end of March 2020.

There was an old forum and then in the end of 2013 all communication was moved to this ‘new’ forum .

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Schizophrenia.com was started in 1995.


I was 4 y.o. when it was created lol

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It is funny how the world has changed in the past 25 years, in 1995 I was married and lived in a house in Atlanta, well it is good to be alive. The world just keep changing. :smile:

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I’ve been on here since February 2014. Been a wonderful six year journey :blush:

Here’s to another six years. And another six. And another…

In your daily life you always finnish your sentences :slight_smile: good boy!

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Oh, man. That’s baaaaaaaaaaaad.

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I have been on the old forum since 2009,moved to the new one around 2014.Have always posted consistently

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